Uranium, a visual quantum computing platform.    

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Circuit Editor - v1.10.2

The Circuit Editor is extremely powerful and versatile. Circuits are saved in a internally defined YAML serialization format, however, they can be exported to Qiskit and OpenQASM.

In order to learn how to use the circuit editor effectively, please check out this video: TQ Youtube


A simple python API is provided for optionally creating circuits programatically.

Simulate Circuits

Moara is a high performance state vector simulator. Written in Rust, is has been compiled to WebAssembly and runs (surprisingly fast) in your broswer for up to 27 qubits. Alternatively, you can submit offline simulation jobs for circuits up to 32 qubits.

About Uranium

Uranium is an open source project, a collaboration between Transilvania Quantum and the INCDTIM Institute in Cluj-Napoca.

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